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Pure OCD is when you do not do rituals like wash your hands or anything outwardly, rather it's a kind of OCD where you do the repetitions in your head, whether it's counting, or other repeating thoughts.

You should be aware that the thoughts that you focus on are what determine your emotions. These emotions in turn, will determine what you do and all your other actions.There are millions and millions of people who suffer with pure OCD thoughts so you are not the only one that has experienced this before.
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The next way to attack and treat fibromyalgia is by the administering high concentration of oxygen. I test patient oxygen levels through an Ohmeda TuffSat. This device tests both the SPO2 (specific oxygen level) and the PIr® (perfusion index). The former measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. Cardiologically we would like the SPO2 to be at 90% or above. Neurologically we like the SPO2 to be at 98% or above. The brain needs more oxygen then any other part of the body. The latter measures the amount of oxygen in the cells. We want this number to be at 3.0 or above. Every fibromyalgia patient I have ever checked has been low in one or usually both of these numbers. The oxygen treatment also helps with two different issues like the NSSD. It helps disc problems heal up faster and better. And NSSD also helps the brain optimize its function.
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Continue to improve the diet that you are eating. Focus on eating quality foods that are packed with nutrition. Make sure you start to really ready and study nutrition so that you can give your now fit body what it needs.

Be sure that you continue doing some form of exercise. This is what is going to help you keep the weight off the most. Be sure to get involved in some physical activities that you can enjoy doing so that you will always be out and moving.

Have a set time to periodically check on your weight. If everything is fine, keep doing what you have been doing. If you gain more than a few pounds, consider cutting back right then before it becomes a problem.

Enjoy being able to eat a bit more now that you are not so focused on cutting calories. Enjoy it but dont let it get out of control. If this happens, you will fall back into old eating patterns which means you could gain back the weight.
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According to the National Institutes on Health NIH, chronic pain is the most common reason that people in the country access the health care system. It is also considered the leading cause of longterm disability in the country. Pain, as we all have experienced, is a nervous system response that lets you know you have been injured or there is something wrong.Chronic pain is different in that, according to the NIH, those pain signals go on for a long period of time, ranging from weeks to years. Some people know their origin of their pain, such as an accident, injury, or disease, while others have no idea where or why the pain first originated. Whether people are aware of it or not, there is a big causal connection between the chronic pain someone is feeling and the stress in their life.
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What makes Alaska salmon different from other kinds of fish is that it offers the firm texture and rich flavor much like swordfish, but without an excess of bad fats. In fact, in recent years it has been found that this kind of salmon is rich in what scientists are naming as \"good fats.\" The real name for these good fats is Omega3 fatty acids. These are fats that are actually beneficial to your health because they provide specific proteins and nutrients that help your body build immunity to many life threatening disease and have actually been attributed to longevity. It provides proteins and fats that interact with the body to also improve memory, brain function and blood flow. While scientists haven\'t pinpointed exactly why these Omega3 fatty acids are so protecting and healing, they are whole heartedly proclaiming the benefits of adding this kind of fish to the American diet.
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Do you take time to travel? Make this year your year! What worldly woman qualities do you possess right now? I\\\'m sure if you think about it, you have at least one worldly woman quality. What qualities do you admire in others that you want to develop? You can start today working on one aspect of yourself. If you take action, you will feel so much better! One small change today can set you on the worldly woman path. If you find you have difficulty following through, perhaps a coach, counselor or mentor can help you through!
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For instance if you leave home fifteen minutes earlier than your regular time and instead of taking the bus from the closest bus station you walk to the next one and catch the bus from there. Another exercise is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. A balanced diet has foods from all major food groups in the right quantity. The right quantity and the right type are both equally important.
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There are various natural remedies for diabetes that will help you to control blood sugar level and live healthy life. It is recommended to include simple exercise regime in the schedule.
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The symptoms can be very different and not as severe, such as the crushing chest pain like their male counterparts. Some of the symptoms can include shortness of breath, a feeling of dread or anxiety, not sleeping well at night or having repeated episodes of indigestion. Many times the women will be treated with anti-anxiety medications and the true diagnosis of heart disease will be missed.

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